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see a penny, pick it up...

i went to the opening reception for kurt halsey's solo show at Art Star last night in philly... one of the pieces, "Creatures" was being raffled off... the raffle tickets were $5 each, so i figured i'd take a shot. Shortly before the drawing, i found a penny on the ground. When i went to talk to Kurt i gave him the penny. When it came time for him to pick the winner, he pulled out a slip of paper, then he handed it to his friend (who has a louder voice), who read "the winner is... ... .... ... Casey Walker"
I swear I almost peed my pants!
and then Kurt smiled, pulled the penny out of his pocket, looked at it quizically, then flashed it at me in the shining light of the Art Star Gallery.
It was amazing.

So now I am the proud owner of THIS:

yesss! what a way to link two weeks at LMTI camp... as if the past week hadn't been grand enough :) :) :) :)

So in a short while i'm heading back up to camp mason for week 2... I hope at staff training today they ask us to say one cool thing we did this summer, cuz i know what i'll say!!!!!

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