Casey (idriveapinkcar) wrote,

Post 20 Random Facts About Yourself & Tag Three Friends to Do the Same

Hunter tagged me to do this back in October, so...

20. I have two dogs, one of whom is being really annoying right now

19. I like corn dogs

18. I recently learned to knit and then to crochet, and I am awesome at it (for a beginner, that is)

17. I keep lists of songs that remind me of my boyfriend as well as songs that come up in our conversations, and then i burn him mix cd's with those songs, but he doesn't always remember which songs did or didn't come up in conversation, and then he gets freaked out thinking that a song like "Dirty Little Secret" reminds me of him

16. I wanted to be a Rockette, but I stopped growing at 5'2". I'm still bitter about my height.

15. I'd had my hair permed at least twice before I turned 10.

14. I got my ears pierced when I was four.

13. I was extremely attached to my pillow when I was a kid (it had a name and everything), but I had to get rid of it because it was a down feather pillow and I tested positive for an allergy to feathers. I have nevver had a pillow that was truly comfortable since then.

12. I don't think i've created any worthwhile art since I graduated high school.

11. I went to a bellydancing class in new york once. it was fun, and made me want to buy skirts and belts that jingle when you move.

10. I have a little stuffed bunny named "Smelly"... i named it smelly cuz I thought it smelled like candy when i was little.

9. Streetlights frequently go out just as I reach the area they are supposed to illuminate, and although I always wonder, I never remember to ask anyone if that happens to them, too.

8. I have a hard time throwing out my old notebooks from school.

7. I need to take a shower.

6. My hair and my eyes are pretty much the same colors.

5. I can spend hours on google image search.

4. That being said, I spend a considerable amount of time doing pointless, non-productive things

3. I don't like to make phone calls to people on business. For example, if I needed to make an appointment with the doctor, i'd rather go into the office and make an appointment in person than save myself a trip and just call. I'm getting better at it, but I still tend to just forget about it unless my mom does it for me. I'm overdue for an appointment at the oral surgeon, the podiatrist, the orthodontist, and the chiropractor. My mom made my last physician and psychiatrist appointments for me.

2. I've been bored with almost everything lately. The internet, TV, music, books... yeah.

1. I want to be a mermaid when I grow up

I tag: Tasha, Rebla, and Jo
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