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Funny thing...

Remember when I said that I was going to be on the computer a lot more now that i'm at school... it hasn't really happened that much. I am on the computer a lot, but I don't use it to socialize nearly as much as I used to.. back in the day. But i'm still here, still alive... I started a club, got one of the (several) leads in the Pioneer Players production of Seussical the Musical, I'm still with Jimmy, and I'm taking 18 credits. So that keeps me pretty busy. I'm also substitute teaching, but I barely get called in. I only worked 2 days in January, and haven't gotten called in at all for February... so that's not keeping me busy, but I wouldn't mind if I got called a little more often, ya know? So yeah... here's a link to one place that I spend a lot of my time while I'm on the computer:
it is love.
My moment of the day for yesterday was definately an almagamation of moments at our PERKS meeting (Pioneers Enjoying Recreation while Keeping Sober), but one specifically exciting moment was when we realized we didn't have enough seats for as many people as we had show up to the meeting. Sweet, awesome success...
P.S. I've applied to be an RA for next year. I have one more interview, then I should find out by the end of March!
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