Casey (idriveapinkcar) wrote,

I'm not dead...

Just busy! Always always always busy! As a club president, club PR rep, Resident Assistant, student, sister, daughter, friend, time-wasting and napping enthusiast, etc. etc. etc., I am frequently very busy, and have not made writing here a priority (still, lol). But... I'm enjoying myself and doing a good job with most things except keeping my room clean. So... while I'm here, moment of the day for yesterday would totally be when Jimmy was typing at my computer and randomly got up to kiss me. I'm so mushy. So far today... would be how cool my hair looked after I put hot rollers in it this morning... Sadly, I need better hairspray, but the day is still young, and I might have an even better moment this evening... in fact, it's quite likely, because I have a staff meeting in my boss' apartment, and those are always fun and full of laughter.
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