Casey (idriveapinkcar) wrote,

we already knew this from the junior prom!

You are Marilyn Monroe!
You're Marilyn Monroe!

What Classic Pin-Up Are You?
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wow, i got guest listed for RBF's show this past wednesday at Irving Plaza... and apparently that means you get a VIP pass, and get to hang out up in the VIP balcony and get free water. I brought James with me, and probably the best moment of the night was when we walked across the street to the supermarket to buy beverages (before the show) and i was like "man, i don't know what i want" and James, who is like, super-quiet and super-shy and super indecisive, says very clearly "get naked".... haha, he meant to juice tho. so I got Naked and everyone was happy.

Last night in photography class the slideshow provided by kodak ended with all these 70's era yearbook-style shots of high school basketball games, choir concerts, cheerleading squads, and even musical productions on stage. Natasha and i got such a kick out of it, it was fantastic. Then when we got out of class there was a carnival in parking lot 2... so i got cotton candy and she got fried dough and we called Tashita to come meet us and then we went to the diner for chicken fingers and toast and 2 glasses of free water and all was well.

oh yeah... last friday (holy crap, it's already been a whole week?) was RBF at Sayreville, and we were dancing in the back during RBF's set and i found a long yellow ribbon on the ground and i started dancing with it, and then i realized that this other girl had dropped it and it belonged to her... but she said i could keep it, and i had TOO MUCH FUN dancing with that ribbon for the rest of the night... haha... props are awesome. no doubt about it. so i have to figure out what i want to wear and bring to the aquabats show tonight!
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